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Shining Light

Title: Shining Light
Rating: PG
Summary: Set during Dead Doll/Living Doll. In the darkness he is her shining light.
Character/Pairing: Sara/Grissom
Spoilers: Dead Doll/Living Doll

As you step into the car park the shadows wash over you like a dark wave. You don’t mind the darkness though, after all your nights as a CSI it’s become comforting to you. You reach your car and finish your call to Grissom. That’s when the world goes black. You try to focus on something, anything to stop the darkness seeping in, but you’re unable and it descends upon you like a cloak. As you slowly regain consciousness you’re aware of the lights of a vehicle illuminating against your face, and it’s then that you realise where you are. As you try to reason with Natalie the fear inside of you grows as you realise that you might not get out of this situation alive.

Your head throbs with the effects of the chloroform but you stare at the car lights surrounding you to try and keep your focus. You’re scared to close your eyes as you feel that if you close them then the darkness will close around you forever.

As the car flips over you focus on the only thing you can.

Staying alive.

The main substance you feel as your hands and body struggle is wet and sticky and you feel yourself sinking into the mud. As your body slithers for freedom through the back of the car you can only think of Grissom, and how you have to stay alive for him. As your body moves further through the mud you feel the rain cascading down, mirroring your view and causing the mud to rise rapidly around you. It’s hard going, but finally you break free from the car, into the darkness of the night. You’re coated with mud but you don’t care.

All you care about is that you’re alive.

As you stand up and step away from the car, the rain continues to pelt down upon you, soaking you to the bone. You don’t know it at the time but you’ll be glad of the moisture when the sin breaks. As you stand there, you know exactly what you have to do.

You have to keep on fighting, even though you’re tired, covered in mud and soaked to the bone.

You have to walk. You have to fight.

You walk through the darkness, barely able to see more then a few yards ahead of you due to the pelting rain and the scare moonlight above the clouds.

So you walk.

You walk until the moon falls from the sky and is replaced by the blinding light of the sun. That’s when you feel yourself starting to fall.

The sun beats down on you hard, and you find that you can’t handle it as well as you thought. Not that you ever thought that you would be in a situation like this before but you’re used to the heat in Vegas.

It’s never been like this before though.

You can feel the sun’s rays beating into every pore of your skin and it’s unbearable. The heat and the humidity feels like it’s seeping into every fibre of your clothes as they stick to you.

You keep going though, planting the shard of mirror that you hope will lead to your salvation.

And you just keep going.

You only have to think of Grissom to keep going. In the dry, barren desert he is your shining light, your beacon and your hope. As you continue to walk the heat blisters your skin and you can’t go on anymore.

When you close your eyes the darkness claws at you and you find yourself surrending to it once again. When you come too it’s the light that hits you first. You adjust to it slowly as it hits you that it’s not the blinding light from the sun in your eyes, but the lights from the helicopter and medical equipment surrounding you.

It doesn’t matter though.

All that matters is that Grissom is next to you, holding your hand and this time it’s not a mirage in the desert, but a shining light in amongst all the darkness.



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Apr. 20th, 2011 12:33 pm (UTC)
Thank you very much!
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